Dear Parent/Guardian:

It is with much excitement that I look forward to working with you and your child this school year. Below you will find a list of policies and rules in our classroom.  Please read over carefully and fill out the last page.  Have your child return this by 8/26/13. They should keep the rest in their planner for future reference.  If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, PLEASE contact me at school (286-3291 extension 27) or home (286-3434).  The best way to communicate with me is by emailing me at  By working together, we can insure that your child receives the best education possible!

Yours in Education

Paul R. Kuhlman

Your studentís grades are accessible through the parent portal found on the Avon school web page. You will need to obtain a user name and password for your child. I encourage you and your child to use this site to keep track of their grades. Email Mr. Poppe at to obtain your user name and password.


1.) BE ON TIME! Students must be in their seats when the bell rings or you will be counted tardy.

2.) Have all of your materials with you every day. (Book, pencil, notebook, handouts, calculator, etc.) A separate spiral bound notebook is required for each class. This is for notes and may periodically be picked up and graded! NO BOOK BAGS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM!!

3.) Graphing calculators will be provided for some classes. However, students are responsible for batteries and also the cost for replacement if the calculator is lost.

4.) Assignments are always due the next day unless you are told otherwise. I encourage you and your child to use the following website to check on their assignments. This is especially helpful for days when they are absent. On this page they will also find some useful links for the class as well as class pictures.

4.) Some items to remember about homework:

a.) Practice makes perfect. We would never dream of playing a basketball game without practicing first. The same principle applies to math. In order to perform mathematics at the highest level we need to practice it.

b.) You must show all of your work in an organized fashion. (THIS INCLUDES WORK DONE WITH A CALCULATOR!) Remember the process of solving the problem is many times just as important as the answer. When doing problems that contain units be sure your answer contains the correct unit. (Ex. 5 ft. or 5 ft2)

c.) Feel free to get help with your homework as needed. REMEMBER the difference between help and copying. If you do receive help from a friend make sure you understand how to do the problem and do not just copy down the answers. BE SURE TO READ THE SECTION ON CHEATING AND PLAGIARISM IN THE STUDENT HANDBOOK. Don't look at your homework as a chore but rather as a learning experience.

d.) If you are unable to do an assignment, SEE ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Seeing me five minutes before class is too late!

e.) ALL WORK MUST BE LEGIBLE OR IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED! When answering questions from worksheets or the book, students need to use complete sentences. Also, yes or no are not sufficient answers. You need to explain why you answered yes or no.

f.) All assignments are due at the beginning of class. Late work will be completed during 8th period. It will be docked 20% and must be handed in by 8:10 the NEXT day or you will receive no credit for the assignment! Exceptions may apply upon consultation of Mr. Kuhlman and Mr. Yost.

g.) Remember academics come first. You can come before or after school for help. If this means you need to be late for practice, I will write a pass for you.

4. MAKE-UP is according to school policy.  There are some things to remember about make-up work:

    A. You are the one responsible. (You were the one absent)

    B. You find out what work you missed, and you see that you get it made up.

    C. Students need to get a make-up slip before they will be admitted to class! (See Mr. Yost for a make-up slip when you return)

    D.) You have one day to make up work for every day that you missed. This means that if you miss Tuesday, you need to get your work made up by the end of Thursday. Unless other arrangements are made failure to follow this policy will mean you may receive a zero for those missing assignments.

 5. Grading: Students should check the handbook for the scale. Tests will be weighted more than homework.  

The semester grade will be a weighted average of the quarter grades. Quarter weights will be calculated based on the number of points in a quarter/total number of points in the semester. Semester tests will count 20% of the semester grade. (7th math is just the weighted average of the two quarter grades)


7. Be aware of fire and tornado policies.

8. Read with concentration; enjoy what you are learning.

9. ASK QUESTIONS the only "dumb" question is one that is not asked! Remember: if you have a question chances are someone else has that same question.

10. Discipline: Will be according to school policy. (see classroom rules)

11. All Freshman are required to do a science fair project in the early spring. Chemistry and Physics students are also required to do a science fair project unless they did a project the year before. (i.e. 2 year students)

12. Students in science classes are required to read and sign a safety contract. When working in the lab you must be involved in the lab work.  Standing around, talking to other groups, etc means you are not involved and your grade will be docked accordingly.  Read and follow all written and oral directions: SAFETY WILL NOT BE COMPROMISED IN THE LABORATORY. Students who display inappropriate behavior in the laboratory will not be allowed to participate in the lab and will receive a zero for that assignment.

13. Check Outs: There will be a sign up sheet to check out for the bathroom. Sign your name and take the pass with you. If you need to see another teacher you will need a pass.



1. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

2. Respect my, the school, and other studentís property

3. There will be no throwing/spitting of any objects!

4. There will be no talking without permission! (Raise your hand if you have a question or comment)

5. I will not tolerate personal putdowns or harassment of any type.  Treat people with respect! Everybody has something to contribute!

6. Gum Policy: Students may chew only gum (no candy, pop, etc.)  If this becomes a problem i.e. wrappers on floor, wads underneath desks, etc., then this policy will be revoked! No food, drink or gum during labs.



1. Warning
2. Detention for 45 minutes.  This will be served the same day or the next day.  You, the student will notify your parents/guardians of your misconduct.
3. Two detentions will involve a conference with the principal and parents/guardians.



Students Name _______________________________________

Parent/Guardian signature __________________________________

Parent email address (please write clearly) ______________________________


Web page permission form

During the year we would like to post pictures of the students and examples of studentís work on the World Wide Web. This will enable parents to observe actual work being done by the students.  We will normally not put the student's last name on the web and we will definitely NOT place studentís addresses on the web.  Please check beside the correct corresponding box.


            I do give permission to place my studentís picture and/or work on the Internet.



            I do NOT give permission to place my studentís picture and/or work on the Internet. 


Student signature and date__________________________________________

Parent/Guardian signature and date___________________________________

Thank You

Mr. Kuhlman