Tuesday 1/17 1.) Properties of light waves 1.) On the WK from class today. Do the first 4 questions on the second page and the 3 questions on the third page.  Be sure to use complete sentences and diagrams where necessary.
Wednesday 1/18 1.) Continue with properties and demos for light waves. Diffraction, refraction, and fiber optics. 1.) Do page 59 on the Chapter 15 WK that I gave you last chapter
Friday 1/20 1.) Finish discussion of light (refraction) 1.) Find the index of refraction for cooking oil
2.) Finish the 4 questions on the coin in the cup WK
3.) Page 62 on the WK packet from the book on the refraction of light.
Monday 1/23 SCIENCE FAIR WORK DAY 1.) Quiz on light waves. Look at both handouts that I gave you especially the diagrams as many of them appear on the quiz.  Know fiber optics, total internal reflection, converging diverging lenses, refraction, diffraction, ray diagrams law of reflection, angle of incidence and angle of reflection, normal line, which way light will bend. For further help you can read sections 254 through 259 in your book and pay attention to the topics that we discussed. There are 15 True and False, and 14 short answer/diagram questions.
Tuesday 1/24 1.) Quiz on light 


Wednesday 1/25 1.) Intro to pressure using 2 liter bottles and balloons inside and outside (warm air and cold air)
2.) Pressure activity of book lying flat or on edge and standing on both feet and one foot
1.) 1st two rows of the chart on the WK about the pressure exerted by your text book lying flat or on its side.
Thursday 1/26 1.) Pressure notes
2.) Do Newspaper Pressure sheet and pressure conversions, Use a leaf blower attached to a garbage bag underneath a stack of books to lift the books, Hover craft
3.) Pressure calculations, Pressure problems and notes
4.) temperamental soda can activity
No homework
Friday 1/27 2.)  egg in bottle,  Crush can WD -40 can, , cards on ball jars (breath in breathe out) do not remove card demo, inexaustable bottle demo, suction cup demos, (calculate area of circle for pressure pushing on the outside) Magdeburg Sphere, plungers
3.) Intro to Boyles law
 1.) questions and problems 1-5 off the single page WK Question sheet on pressure
2.) ON the WK with the newspaper pressure activity. Do the questions about the newspaper activity and also the next page on the pop can on the hotplate. Do on a separate sheet in complete sentences.
Monday 1/30 1.) Collect homework
1.) Questions on the WK packet on the candle and the jar of water and the egg in the bottle.
2.) Answers to diagrams on WK are due on Thursday.  Do on a separate sheet. Yes or No and why?
Tuesday 1/31 1.) Collect questions.
2.) look at how we breath, how a straw works, etc. Emptying 2 -liter bottle race
3.) volume,pressure, temperature, and amount of gas problems (Finish gas law problems)
4.) syringe and marshmellow is syringe demos
5.) flask with long straw demo, lung demo, c
6.) temperature changes with changes in pressure, fog chamber, diesel piston, balloon in flask, egg in bottle on your arm, shaking soda pop cans and Boyles law, siphoning , water barometer, balloons in fridge pressure changes.
1.) Quiz on pressure, Look at questions and WK that we did and also sections in the notes that we have covered
2.) Diagram WK is due Thursday
Wednesday 2/01 1.) Quiz
2.) Gas laws
1.)  Diagram WK is due Thursday
Thursday 2/02 1.) WK with pictures/diagrams answers are due
1.) Gas law WK problems
Friday 2/03 1.) Finish gas laws
2.) Dry ice experiments: Dry ice "bombs", small piece of dry ice in balloon or rubber glove to show expansion, candle experiment in aquarium to show density of dry ice blow bubbles on top, "pouring" dry ice for density, Brass mass on dry ice, dry ice in a graduated cylinder with water and dish soap, quarter set straight up to rock on the dry ice, dry ice in film cannistor rockets.
1.) Quiz on gas laws
Monday 2/6  1.) Gas law quiz
2.) Mini bell jarsmarshmellow, shaving cream, vial of hot water, suction cup, and balloon.
3.) mini bell jars with buzzer,gas from a CO2 tank to show temperature change.Bernoulli's principle, Leaf blower, balloon in fan. Wind bag demo, Buchner filter
 1.) On the WK packet from today. Do the PREDICTION  part of the first 8 diagrams
Tuesday 2/7 1.) Boil water in mini-bell jars
2.) Start Pascal and Bernoulli's principle
Wednesday 2/8  Finish Pascal and Bernoulli's principle  
Thursday 2/9 WRAP UP AND REVIEW. Study for test. Look at your diagrams and your notes. There will also be questions from the labs that we have been doing on Pascal and Bernoulli's principle.  There will be gas law problems and problems calculating air pressure in Pascals, PSI, and other units. The test is 4 pages of short answer, problems and diagrams so be sure to take the time to properly prepare for this test.
Monday 2/13 BOYLES LAW LAB