Using Youtube and music to develop critical thinking skills in the science and math classroom

BE SURE TO PREVIEW CLIPS BEFORE YOU USE THEM IN YOUR CLASSROOM FOR APPROPRIATE CONTENT. Also be sure your safety mode is on at the bottom to disable comments

Young  frankentstein: (intro do scientific method)

Iím your density (density)

Will it float (density)

Raiders of the lost ark(density, Assume the golden Idol has a volume of a brick, what is its mass? What volume of sand would you need to replace it? Is our hero in trouble?

Entertainer: ( gas density)

Mythbusters (density of gases)

Mustard gas:

Thatís a fact Jack:

Big bang (what is fact? (do facts every change? (flat earth), Not anymore though we are too smart. Pluto))

Interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson:

Frosty the snowman (incredible melting blocks, Which block should you place frosty on to help keep him from melting)

Baby come back (comeback can, Diagram the inside of the can) Kinetic and potential energy

Constructing the can

Back to the future (acceleration)

Teaching Penny Physics (Watch closely there is a mathematics question in this clip:

Big bang theory Superman

Superman saves lois lane

Lebronís Hang time:

Patience guns and Roses (draw a particle diagram of how this works):

Time is on our side:


Abbot and Costello (13 x 7)

Abbot and Costello (two tens for a five)

Abbot and Costello (25 /5)

Spock paper lizard:

Simple ideas (circumference of the earth, can you replicate?)

Assignment link for circumference:

Candle in the wind: (inferences and observations, potato candle)

Sheís a witch (Scientific method)

Theme from the great escape (goggles song)

copy the assignment of what I had them do.

Apollo 13 (Filter )

The Real  Jim Lovell:

Donít stop believing (surface tension)

Does the speed of sound matter

Roaring Fire  and chemistry story